Turkish Grill & Cooking

Turkish Grill

Enjoy grilling on an open flame?  Consider a Turkish Grill!  We use our grill from Spring to Fall for cooking and as a small open fire pit.

Our Turkish grill measures 29″ in diameter giving you plenty of room to cook.  We purchased our grill from Lee Valley many years ago and is no longer shiny like the one in the picture or available for purchase according to our recent research.

It is handmade from recycled copper and wrought iron that is hand spun – because of this each bowl is unique and will age to an attractive darker patina. It is light enough to be portable, for backyard, cabin or beach cooking – doubling as a fire pit when the grill is not in use. Works equally well with wood or charcoal.

Grill Components
– Copper basin and matching lid
– Wrought iron bracket and legs
– Small stainless steel grill for the basin bottom
– larger rack for cooking

Turkish Grill
Cast Iron Cooking

Fuel Types
You can use wood or charcoal.

1. Murlo recommends placing sand on the basin bottom although its not required.  Place just enough to line the bottom, about 1/2″ to 3/4″ deep then place the small stainless steel rack on top

2.  Keep heated coals or burning wood to the centre.  This set up allows for some temperature control leaving the centre of the grill hot leaving the outer edge cooler.

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