At Murlo we believe everyone can learn something new if they put their mind to it. Nothing can be more satisfying than accomplishing something new.

From spinning yarn, knitting or gardening, we offer tips and tutorials geared to the beginner plus a buffet of other choices.

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Easy Cut Flower Garden
Cut flower Garden I love flowers. I love to grow them and …
Growing Tomatoes on the Canadian Prairies
We garden in a zone 3b urban setting. Our gardening season can …
Growing Ranunculus on the Canadian Prairies
Ranunculus Certain flowers seem to be a must for us. Ranunculus is …
Organically Treat Seedlings From Damping Off
Murlo No Damp Spray Have you ever had a flat of new …
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  • Murlo flower pot
  • Dyed spinning fibre
  • Hand dyed roving
  • Gardening with Murlo
  • Home grown cut flowers