Murphy’s Irish Stout – Review

Murphy’s Stout Can

Murphy’s Stout is a great a stout with a creamy head once poured from the can.  It has quickly became one of my favourite stout’s especially in our Canadian winters.  I typically have this stout anytime of the year.

From Murphy’s

Murphy’s offers you that uniquely smooth, creamy and wonderfully palatable full bodied stout flavour with roasted chocolate and coffee undertones and a ‘biscuity sweet’ pure malt aroma.  The ingenious floating drought flow system enables you to enjoy the creamy head of Murphy’s from a can.

The Specs
Est: 1856
Dark beer
440ml can
Brewed by: John Smith’s Brewery, Tadcaster, England

Final Note: Worth a try anytime you will not be disappointed if you like a full body stout like I do.