Hoodoo Creek/Abraham Mountain

Hoodoo Creek/Abraham Mountain: Alberta, Canada – Review

The Mainprize Documentary Executive was invited by the Newton family to shoot footage for Jeff Newton’s memorial service. The service took place on August 1, 2020 at Hoodoo Creek, Abraham Mountain.

Abraham Lake, Alberta
Abraham Lake, Alberta: Murlo Photography 

Jeff grew up in Midale, Saskatchewan and a former resident of Nordegg, Alberta. The Hoodoo’s/Abraham Mountain base is located along the David Thompson Highway #11 approximately 210 kms west of Red Deer, Alberta and 45 kms west of Nordegg.  There is a highway sign pointing to the Hoodoo’s location. This was my first visit to this incredibly scenic area.

The Documentary Director and myself arrived at 10:00 am at the foot of Hoodoo Creek. A very calm, warm day.  We filmed some preliminary footage before the family arrived to hike to the memorial site.  The view of the mountain to the north and the lakes turquoise blue water to the south was absolutely stunning!

The Hike
Around noon, a group of 16 began the hike with the Director and myself carrying video equipment.  We stayed to the right of the creek on the way up and followed those who had experience with the trail.  I found the first third of the hike easy to maneuver as most of it was river rock as we ascended.  The remainder of the hike was more challenging with two inclines.  The first incline was okay given the equipment I was carrying.  The second incline was definitely steeper and far more challenging. I used the available rope attached at the top of the incline to assist hikers and was very much appreciated!

The hike took the group approximately 1:15 minutes to reach the Hoodoos given the levels physical fitness of some in the group.  The view on the way up and on the way down was amazing.  I recommend this hike if you are ever in the area.  I observed people of all ages hiking the trail. I strongly recommend proper footwear, take adequate water and ensure someone knows where you are.

What is a Hoodoo?
A Hoodoo is a tall, pillar, irregularly shaped soft rock formation.

Hoodoo rock formatoin
       Hoodoo rock formation:               Murlo Photography 

Hoodoo, AB Hiking Facts (from the Explore Central Alberta website)
Activity: Hike
Distance: 3.8 km return
Elevation Gain: ~360 m
Challenge Level: Moderate
Family Friendly: No
Trail Type: There and back
Trail Conditions: Unofficial trail – easy scrambling and creek walking
Season: April to November
Congestion: Moderate
Alternate Descriptions: The David Thompson Highway – A Hiking Guide includes a version of this hike.

Trailhead: The trail starts along highway 11, 2.8 km west of the Windy Point access. There is a cairn with an informal marker on the side of the road where the trail starts and Hoodoo Creek is now marked with a green highway sign.

Additional Information
For more Information on Abraham Mountain, check out the Travel Alberta website.