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“It is no small thing for a man to spend 50 years toiling for the sick.”  In August 1959,  Saskatchewan Premier Mr. Tommy Douglas made this statement at the original Mainprize Regional Park opening ceremony located 16 kms south of Midale, Saskatchewan.   

Murlo is Co-producer and Phase Two Coordinator of the project, Mainprize: The Documentary telling the story of Dr. William Graham Mainprize.  Dr. Mainprize was a physician who spent his entire lifetime serving Midale and surrounding communities from 1911-1964.

The documentary is produced and coordinated by Melcher Studios in Regina, Saskatchewan and is 100% donor driven.

Donation Update – Tax Receipt!
The RM of CYMRI is now taking donations for the Mainprize Documentary Project.

The RM will issue a Tax Receipt to those who donate. Please contact the RM Office in Midale for more information. Call (306)-458-2244 or email for more information. Thank you for all your support of this project!

Donate today!  All funds received go to funding the completion of the Mainprize Documentary!

Update (September 2021)
A new Mainprize video clip called, Mainprize Interviews – Super Cut is on Murlo’s YouTube Channel.  The video is set to music showing some of the people interviewed over the past few years for the Documentary

Kim Coates

Kim Coates
Kim Coates
, Saskatchewan born actor is supporting the documentary by graciously lending his voice to support the project.  He also ‘liked’ the Documentary’s Facebook page and added us to his Twitter feed.

Jack Hilkewich,(Producer/Director) added video to Kim’s video clip found on our Murlo Discovery Channel on YouTube.

Brad Johner
A shout out goes to Mr. Brad Johner!  Brad is a well known country singer and is a proud supporter of the Mainprize Documentary.  He was born and raised in the Midale area and recently shared a personal story about his encounter with Dr. Mainprize after being seriously injured.  Here is part of his story,

“When I was five years old, I fell off my bicycle. The handlebar hit me in the throat and punctured my trachea. Dad raced me into Midale to the one and only Dr. Mainprize. He knew right away ….. see the full story on Brad’s Facebook page, A movie about Dr. Mainprize.

Brad’s Promotional Video
Brad was recently involved in a new Mainprize Documentary promotional video discussing the process to create an original song.  Brad will create an original song as part of the documentary file once enough fund are secured.

Brad Johner
Mary-Lou Rosengren

Mary-Lou Rosengren: Mainprize Book!
The Mainprize: The Documentary Executive are happy to announce that Mary-Lou Rosengren, a former Midale resident agreed to be the author of a Mainprize book!

Mary-Lou will be writing a companion book to the documentary and we couldn’t be more thrilled! We approached her with our concept and she embraced the idea.

Mary-Lou started writing as a young girl and would send her poems to the Western Producer’s Young Co-operators page for publication. The thrill of seeing her words in print ignited a life-long passion for writing.  Over the years, Mary-Lou has continued to write (sporadically) and has had articles published in local newspapers (Estevan Lifestyles), the Western Producer and Grain News.

In 2007 she created an online blog and in 2017 she self-published her first book, “The Grand Embrace: Why Grandmothers have the Magical Power to Heal the World”.

For the past 18 years she has worked full-time at their family-owned business in Estevan but just recently retired from that position. With her schedule opened up she is eager to get back into a regular writing routine and has plans to complete a 2nd book.

Anastasiia Bykhovskaia
Ana works for the Estevan Mercury and is the Documentary’s featured reporter.  Ana has published three issues to date helping us profile Dr. Mainprize and the Documentary.  A big thank you to Ms. Anastasiia Bykhovskaia for her on-going coverage and professionalism!

Anastasiia Bykhovskaia – December 2020
Anastasiia Bykhovskaia – March 2021
Anastasiia Bykhovskaia – September 2021 

Discover Estevan

Lois Feaver – June 2019
Nick Nelson – November 2020

Courtesy of Anastasiia Bykhovskaia
Jack Hilkewich

Mainprize Commemorative Scarf
Murlo Creative Expressions – By Leila
designed and knitted the Mainprize Documentary Commemorative Scarf.  The scarf was presented to Mr. Jack Hilkewich, Co-Producer/Director of the Documentary.

Visit the Mainprize Commemorative Scarf Blog and our YouTube Channel on the making of the scarf along with material and design specifications.