Murlo 2nd Anniversary!! – Special Edition

5000 Views - August 2022
Celebration Confetti

Hello everybody!
We’re in the terrible twos!

We launched on October 6, 2020 and it has been a great hobby and learning experience!

During the summer of 2022, we shut down to give our site a fresh new look and feel by adding extra bells & whistles to enhance our pages and posts for a better visitor experience. We like to thank our friends & followers who provided valuable feedback during this time! You know who you are.

It’s been a great adventure culminating into a very successful two years. We reached over 5,000 views earlier this summer and over 1000 visitors since we began.

Our Growing Success
We are not reinventing the wheel yet we have resonated with people around the world by focusing primarily on recipes, travel and creative projects with the beginner in mind.

Our numbers are very small compared to many websites but we’re very happy with our steady growth and stable viewership translating into nearly 1,600 subscribers & followers including five magazines.  Thank you!

Our Highlights This Year;
1. Reached over 5,000 views
2. Pear Wine is our first video to reach over 1,000 views!
3. The Canadian Garden Council began following us.
4. Wool Canada sought permissions to use our felted dog picture for their Instagram post.
5. 40 Knots Vineyard & Estate Winery started following us on Instagram
6. T&T Seeds began supporting our plant posts
7. No Middleman Art Gallery Edge of Humanity Magazine became a follower.
8. YouTube began adding ads to some of our Murlo Discovery Channel videos

Baked Raspberry Custard
Weiming Zhao

New & Revised Main Pages
a) Inside Murlo 
b) Recipes
c) Creative Expressions by Leila
e) Mainprize Documentary
f) Murlo Extra’s
g) Murlo Discovery Channel (YouTube)

Our Partner Sites
We continue to support two partner sites. Do visit them.
a) Mainprize Documentary
b) 40 Knots Vineyard & Estate Winery

Murlo Discovery Channel (YouTube)
We continue to grow our video library to support our blogs. We began to add a series of short videos that have garnered a lot of attention!
– 37 videos published
– Over 4,700 views

Top 5 Viewed Videos
1. Pear Wine
2. Designing a Round Yoke Sweater – Lesson 1
3. Low Tech Self-Watering System for Seedlings
4. Designing a Round Yoke Sweater – Lesson 2
5. Flick Carding a Fine Fleece

Near Liverpool, NS
Felted wool mobile of. Boy fishing

Animated Logo
We are very pleased with our animated rolling ‘M’ logo & tagline to introduce and end all our videos. This special piece adds life to our online image and branding. The animation is courtesy of  Mr. Jack Hilkewich, V.P. of Interactive and Partner at Melcher Studios.

Supported Platforms
We’ve had immediate and growing secondary support from three targeted media platforms linking directly back to  
– Pinterest
– Instagram
– YouTube 

Worldwide Followers
We continue to be overwhelmed by the world wide attention we’ve garnered with visitors from all six continents. 

Thank you to those who provided on-going advice to improve our site.  Your suggestions and comments are greatly appreciated!

Contact us anytime at  We are always happy to hear from you!

Your Murlo Team

Herbed Rice and Bean Salad