Chive Infused Vinegar

Chive Blossoms

At Murlo we’ve been making our own chive infused vinegar for a while now. It is such an easy way to make a delicious condiment to add to salad dressings and marinades.  Try our Bacon Wrapped Chicken Thighs 

chive blossoms, enough to loosely fill a pint sized mason jar
white vinegar

Chive Blossoms in Vinegar

Loosely fill the jar with chive blossoms to approximately 3/4 full.
Pour room temperature white vinegar to cover the blossoms.
Cover tightly with a lid and keep in a cool dark location.  Everyday rotate the jar up and down a few times.

Chive Infused Vinegar

After about 14 days the chives can be strained and the liquid placed in an airtight container such  as a small jar or vinegar bottle with a pouring spout works well.

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