Caisey: Celebrating Our Little Buddy’s Life πŸ’•


Murlo (Leila and Murray) wish to take a moment to celebrate Caisey’s life.

On the same day as his 12th birthday, February 4, 2022, we had to say goodbye to our little buddy.πŸ’”

Caisey became a great addition to our family. 

He was smart, strong, loyal, a great people dog with an amazing outgoing personality!   He always greeted you with a hearty tail wag.

He was everyone’s friend!  Everyone loved Caisey!

Caisey loved going for walks, car rides, exploring, ‘Go Time’, and cleaning the kitchen floor. 

He also loved sitting at a window or on the upper deck scanning the neighbourhood for long periods.

Caisey – Our Happy Little Buddy πŸ’•


He enjoyed hugs, kisses, snuggles, belly rubs and laying in the sun.

His favourite things were his chicken, treat ball, puzzles, popcorn, cheese, and the occasional lick of Scottish beer.

He would often play ‘hide and don’t find me’ when it was time to receive his eye drops, trim his nails, a good brushing or bath time.


He disliked bees, birds & flies on his turf!  On occasion, he would attack the broom, mop and vacuum.

Caisey believed he was 6 foot tall, strapping, protector of all things young and small, and at times, very independent!  After all, he was a terrier…. Lol 

He also had a very big heart to match!

Caisey is, and will always be, Murlo’s Mascot!

Buddy, you were a moment in our lives, a lifetime in our hearts! ❀️❀️❀️

February 4th each year will be celebrated as “Caisey Day!’  We’re encouraging all to donate to a local animal/pet shelter on this day.

We created a tribute video called, Celebrating the Life of Caisey (2010-2022) located at our Murlo Discovery Channel

2 Responses to “Caisey: Celebrating Our Little Buddy’s Life πŸ’•”

  1. Awwww…what a lovely tribute to your Caisey. I’m sorry you don’t have her cuddles in your life anymore.

    Cindy Braun (Isely)