Lemon Iced Tea

This simple Lemon Iced Tea is a great summer drink for anyone to make regardless of your skill level in the kitchen!  You may adjust the ingredient portions to suit your own taste even reducing the amount of sugar compared to pre-mixed brands.  Feel free to experiment! Serves 10.

Iced tea pitcher beside lemons
Murlo Iced Tea

Adjust any of the ingredients to suit your taste preference.
10 cups water in a kettle or pot
¾ cup white  sugar
7 Red Rose tea bags
½ cup Realemon lemon juice

1. Boil water in a kettle or pot.
2. Add boiled water, tea bags, sugar and lemon juice to container.
3. Allow 10 minutes for the tea to steep before removing the tea bags.
4. Add more water to replace the displaced volume.
5. Add lemon slices to jug (optional)
6. Refrigerate overnight.