Superstone for Baking


Murlo received the Superstone many years ago as a Christmas gift.

Our round stone is 15″ in diameter made by Sassafras Enterprises and is great for any kind of pizza crust and bread making.  We use our stone primarily for making pizza.

Compared to a metal baking sheet, the ceramic material of a pizza stone holds heat more evenly, and the porous surface draws water out of particularly wet areas of the dough as it cooks. Plus, when you preheat the stone, it gives the dough a strong burst of initial heat, puffing up the crust.

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The Superstone is easy to clean, care for, and will last many many years.

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1. Place the pizza stone in cold oven and pre-heat to 400.
2. Leave stone in the oven for 30 minutes once temperature reaches 400°F.
3. Follow manufacturer directions if your stone is different.
4. Place rolled out pizza dough on the pre-heated stone
5. See our Pepperoni & Mushroom pizza for a tasty idea.

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Note: Allow the stone time to cool completely before washing.  Murlo recommends following the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions for your cooking stone.

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