What Does Murlo Mean?
Nothing! Actually, we’ve defined Murlo to be a generic brand around a collection of our many and varied interests in hobbies, crafts, film, travel, and dining.  We will provide you with reviews on many different topics from our prospective as we explore the world.

When Did Murlo Begin And How Did It Evolve?
Murlo was born healthy and happy in 2012 when the domain name Murlo.ca was registered.  Murlo combines letters from two names to create our brand name.  Murlo is meant to sound like the grape ‘Merlot’ given our love of wine, wineries and wine making.

Are Images on Murlo.ca original?
Yes, unless stated otherwise! Murlo Photography takes all pictures for our Pages and Posts. These are original works and required permission from Murlo to use elsewhere. On occasion we used images not produced by Murlo to enhance a post. We always reference where that image came from to ensure the originator is credited.

Why Create a Murlo Webpage?
Why not!  The Murlo webpage was created for a variety of reasons.  Our website allows us a venue to showcase and promote our many interests. Beginners wanting to learn these areas can do so in a friendly place to explore, learn and create!  Murlo.ca also contains Murlo Creative Expressions by Leila, recipes, travel and dining reviews giving people like yourself a place to learn first hand what we have experienced as we explore the world.  Murlo provides information on what we have learned, the successes as well as the pitfalls to avoid.  There are happy accidents!

How Long Has Murlo Been Involved with Hobbies and Crafts?
The people at Murlo have been involved making hand crafted items and hobbies for decades.  We’ve been crafting some items for nearly 50 years in some instances! In fact, our oldest staff member is 145 years old today!

Is My Email Secure When I Subscribe to the Murlo Newsletter?
Yes.  Wordpress ensures all personal data received is secure.  You only need to submit your email address for the Murlo monthly newsletter subscription.  No other personal information is collected or required. Contact us at Info@Murlo.ca if you have any questions.

I Found a Broken Link. Who Do I Contact?

Let us know!  Send an email to Info@murlo.ca. The Murlo website has a number of links to outside webpages.  We link to third party sites to support and enhance the information on this site

Does Murlo have a YouTube Channel?

Yes.  Murlo has a YouTube channel called, Murlo Discovery Channel (MDC) with step-by-step educational videos to supplement some of the information contained in our blogs.  We have noted within our posts which ones have a corresponding video. Subscribe to the Murlo Discovery Channel to stay up to date on new videos releases.

Will Murlo Add a Business Component?
Yes.  We intend to add a business component under the Murlo brand to sell hand crafted Canadian products sourced within the country.  Subscribe to ensure you receive the latest news.

What Crafts Are Shown on the Webpage?
Canadian hand made jewelry, paintings, wool items and carvings and wood burning.

Will Murlo Sell Products Online?
Whoa!  We can’t give away all our secrets and plans.

What is Murlo’s Contact Information?
 Our email address is Info@Murlo.ca.  We look forward to hearing from you!  No, really, we’re lonely…..

Can I Receive Automatic Notifications from Murlo?
Absolutely! Simply subscribe at ‘Follow Murlo!’ located on the right side column on one of our main pages.  Enter your email address and press the blue Subscribe button.  You will receive an email immediately to confirm your subscription and it will look like this:

Confirmation to Follow Murlo.ca

Press the ‘Confirm Follow’ button and you’re all set.  Retain this  email for your files and to manage your subscription.

How Often Will Murlo Send a New Post Notification ? Everything in moderation including us.  Our posts are scheduled for the 1st and 15th each month providing there is content to post.

Will Murlo Add More Content Overtime?
Yes.  Murlo plans to add more information as more content is created and interests expand.

Will You Accept Comments and Questions?
We are always looking forward to hearing from positive like-minded people who have questions and comments so we can all learn together.

What Are Murlo Registered Brand Names ?
Yes.  The following names are registered.
1.  Murlo.ca is a registered domain name with Namespro.ca
2.  Murlo and Murlo Creative Expressions by Leila are registered businesses.
3.  Mainprize and the Mainprize Project website are affiliated with Murlo and the responsibility of another entity.