Quebec Wineries & Cider Tour

We signed up for a number of winery & cider tours during our time in Quebec, Canada. We visited two regions, Pontiac approximately an hour NW of Ottawa and Ile d’ Orleans about a 40 minutes drive from Quebec City.

The apple cider houses and vineyards are amazing and definitely worth a visit!

Quebec wineries are newer compared o wineries in Ontario and British Columbia.

Quebecers enjoy wines on the acidic sided compared to wines elsewhere in Canada.

We met many owners at each location. It was a pleasure to see how passionate the owners were when describing their craft, products and location.

Our awesome tours were provided by Aventure Outaouis in the Pontiac Region and Quebec Bus Tours for the Island of Orleans. We highly recommend both companies!

Visit our short Wine & Cider Tour video on YouTube at our Murlo Discovery Channel.

The Vignoble Les Collines Winery (Facebook) located near Luskville in the Pontiac Municipality. We sampled three wines during our visit. We also toured the grounds and vines with the owner who was friendly and informative. The bonus, the winery also offers an incredible view of the Gatineau Park Eardley Escarpment. 

The Coronation Hall Cider Mills in Bristol
Stop in if you are ever near Bristol QC in the Pontiac region. The homemade apple pie and traditional apple cider. You can purchase many other apple related products like their Apple Butter BBQ Sauce, Apple Cider Jelly and Apple Butter to name a few. They also ship their products to you in Canada and the USA.

The Little Red Wagon Winery was our third stop in the Pontiac region. We had three wine tastings along with some awesome appetizers that included local cheese and pâté . The winery is located near Shawville.

The Domaine de Pontiac Village Winery was founded in 2007 and open to the public since 2016. They are a small family business located near Quyon in the Pontiac region. We sampled three wines and viewed the classic old car collection. We had an amazing winery tour with the owners who were very generous with their time.

Vignoble du Mitan is a winery located on Ile d’ Orleans. This winery has an amazing view of vineyard and the St. Lawrence River We sampled three wines as part of our tour. For an additional $2 charge we sampled their ice wine.

We recommend you stop in the wine and food on the deck if you are in Quebec city. It is worth the drive.

Cidrerie Verger Bilodeau is located on the Ile d’ Orleans and it was our second apple & cider stop during our time in Quebec.

They have a wide variety of cider and apple products. They also ship their product. We placed a small order upon our return.

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