Commemorative Westie Mitten Pattern

Westie Mitten Pattern
Westie Mitten Pattern

This pattern design is a bit bittersweet for us. February 4th 2022 on his 12th birthday we lost our little buddy Caisey. He was a huge member of our family and will always be Murlo’s mascot. We have decided that February 4th is Caisey day. We are kicking off the day with a free westie mitten pattern. The pattern is free for personal use, but we do encourage those that use the pattern to make a donation of time, food or money to a no kill animal shelter. Caisey had a very happy home. Many do not. Please help our furry friends in need.

The pattern is very versatile and can be used to make numerous sizes by changing your yarn and needle size. Be sure to pick out two yarns of the same size in contrasting colours.

I prefer using a round needle to knit mittens. Feel free to use double pointed needles if this is your preference. Begin by using longtail cast on and cast on 56 stitches.

The Cuff

The cuff begins with some Latvian braid. Should you wish to eliminate this portion then, ribbing of K1P1 or K2P2 for 5 rows should be added at the start and end of the cuff.

Follow the chart for the cuff. Charts are read starting in the bottom right corner. Rows are read right to left and from bottom to top.

The Mitten Body

Once the cuff is complete, move onto the mitten body. Begin with a row of knitting in the contrast colour. On this row increase 6 stitches on the back and decrease 6 stitches on the palm side. There is a chart for the left and the right hand. The blue squares in the pattern represent ‘no stitch’ area of the thumb. This will form a gusset. Increases are done in this area by making stitches on each side.

The pink line is where the opening of the thumb will be. Knit across those stitches only in a contrast yarn. Slip those stitches back onto the lefthand needle and knit the chart design with your colours.

Continue to knit the mitten chart. Once you reach the decrease area I recommend K1, SSK, then knit to the last three stitches K2tog, K1. Continue in this manner until you reach the last row. Do Not cast off. Use a mattress stitch or other stitch of choice to sew the outside and inside of the mitten together.

The Thumb

Use your knitting needle to pick up stitches on either side of the contrast yarn used for the thumb opening. I find picking up the right side leg of the stitches under the contrast yarn then the left side leg of the stitches on the top of the contrast yarn works the best.

Once this is done you should have 14 stitches on each needle, go ahead and pick out the contrast yarn. This is the opening for the thumb.
Follow the chart for the thumb. Note: I find when knitting the first row of the thumb picking up the yarn from the previous row and knitting that and the last stitch together eliminates any ‘holes’ that can occur in that area. Complete decreases and seaming the same as was done for the main body of the mitten.

The following youtube videos accompany the pattern and covers instructions of all the components of the mitten.

Latvian Braid
Knitting with Two Colours
Gusset and Decreases
Knitting the Thumb

Depending on the device you are using you may need to go to your file once you select to download the pdf below.

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  1. What a lovely commemorative gesture. Good for Murlo. I can see Caisey wagging his tail in appreciation.