Canned Apple Pie Filling

Home Canned Apple Pie Filling

20 Cups of prepared apples
2 Cups apple juice
3 Cups white sugar
3 Tbsp butter
1 Tbsp cinnamon
3/4 Cup cornstarch
1/2 Cup apple juice
1/3 Cup lemon juice

In a large bowl add cold water and lemon juice
Peel, core and slice apples into 1/2 inch wedges and place in the cold water mixture until you have prepared 20 Cups of apples.

Cooking Apple Pie Filling

Once you have prepared the required amount of apples place the apple slices and the first measurement of apple juice in a large stock pot.   Bring mixture to a boil.   Mix the cornstarch into the second measurement of apple juice.  Add the cornstarch mixture, butter, sugar, and cinnamon to the boiling apples.  Stir and bring mixture to a boil making sure the sugar does not burn on the bottom.  

Canning Apple Pie Filling

Once the liquid has thickened place into sterilized 1 quart canning jars.

Process jars in a canner for 15 minutes.  Ensure lids are sealed before storing.
Recipe will yield 4 quarts.  Each quart will be enough filling for one 8 inch pie.
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