Wool Felted Mobile Tutorial Part 3 of 3

Whale Mobile
Whale Mobile

In part one we wet felted some pieces to make the whale, flowers and shells and jelly fish.  Part two we needle felted the sculpted pieces.  Now it’s time to put it all together.

needle felted sculptures
fishing line
Wooden embroidery hoop 12 inch diameter
3 inch sharp tapestry needle
large jump ring
3 foot piece of doweling or yardstick
two chairs with a back

Preparing the Pieces 
Begin by cutting fish line in 2 foot lengths.  Make a knot in the fish line, a couple knots is needed to ensure the fishing line is secured in each Felted sculpture.  Thread fish line through each Felted sculpture and set aside for now.
The fish lines with the flowers contain leaves.  Using green felt completed in Part 1, cut out several leave shapes.  You will want the stem of the leaves to be about 1/4 inch wide.  Place leaves on the needle felting foam hold the fish line near the center of the stem.  Fold the stem over and needle felt the edges together.  Adjust by sliding the leaf up or down the fish line.  Once you are happy with its placement use the tapestry needle to secure the leaf into place.

Preparing the Hoop 
Cut three 12-14 inch pieces of fish line.  Tie around the wooden embroidery hoop and space out evenly.  Pulling the three pieces of line toward the center of the hoop tie all three pieces into a knot.    Now Knot the line from the whale to this knot.  Now add the jump ring in place at the knotted area.

Time to level the mobile.   Run a  doweling through the jump ring.   Place doweling between two chairs on the top of the backs.   Adjust the pieces of fish line until the hoop hangs level.

Now tie on the other sculptures.  Continue to adjust the placement of sculptures as needed along the hoop to keep the mobile level.

Once you are happy with the placement of all the wool sculptures and the mobile is level, trim off ends of fish line.  Congratulations you have completed your mobile and it’s ready to hang.