Chicken Roulade (Roasted Red Pepper & Goat Cheese )

Roasted Red Pepper and Chicken Rolls

What is Roulade? A dish cooked or served in the form of a roll, typically made from a flat piece of meat.

This dish combines three of our favourite foods, flattened chicken breast stuffed with roasted red pepper and goat cheese into a tasty roll!  One can never go wrong cooking chicken! Serves 2.

Preparing Roasted Red Pepper and Chicken Rolls

2 large skinless, boneless chicken breasts
1/2 roasted red pepper
2 ounces goat cheese
2 Tbsp fresh finely chopped parsley
1/3 Cup all purpose flour
1/4 tsp seasoning salt
1/3 Cup fine bread crumbs
3 Tbsp finely chopped pecans
1 egg beaten
1/4 tsp seasoning salt
dash of pepper

Prepared Roasted Red Pepper and Chicken Rolls

1. Slice the chicken breast in half the length of the breast.  DO NOT  cut all the way through.  Open the chicken breast and lay between two pieces of plastic wrap and pound to 1/4 inch thickness.

2. On top of the chicken breast lay a couple pieces of roasted red pepper.  This will use about 1/2 of the pepper.  Top with some goat cheese evenly distributed over half of the chicken breast staying about 3/4 inch in from the edges.

Sprinkle half of the parsley on top.   Roll up the chicken breast from the short end.  Secure the roll using toothpicks.

Searing Roasted Red Pepper and Chicken Rolls

3. In a pie tin combine flour and seasoning salt.  In another pie tin combine the breadcrumbs, seasoning salt and pecans.

4. Dredge chicken roll completely in flour, then roll the chicken breast in the beaten egg making sure the entire surface is completely coated.

5. Dredge chicken roll in the bread crumb mix.

6. In a non stick oven save frying pan.  Brown all sides of the chicken roll over medium high heat.

7. Transfer pan to a preheated 350 Degree Fahrenheit oven and cook for 30 minutes or until the meat thermometer reads 180.

8. Allow to rest a couple minutes prior plating.  Enjoy!

Note: See our instructions to roast red peppers at our Roasted Red Pepper and Goat Cheese Dip recipe.

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